Pivoting head

Articulated head are articulated sliding bearing having a shank (shank) with male or female thread. Rod head more often mounted on the ends of the piston rods or with pneumatic cylinders for attaching them to the other nodes.
Articulated heads and spherical plain bearings are used to ensure the free movement between the shaft and the mating parts, especially in cases where the movements are carried out not by a strictly linear path.
Depending on the combination of the sliding surfaces are manufactured in three versions:
– With integrated liner (inner ring in contact with the liner made of special copper alloy having high properties vrabatyvaemosti);
– A molded case (the spherical inner ring slides directly on the surface of the housing bore, made of bronze);
– Self-lubricating (have a special layer of PTFE (Teflon), and on which slides a spherical inner ring, thus providing a smooth rotation and oscillation during samotsentirovanii).

With female thread                                                                                                                             With male thread
(Right and left-hand thread)                                                                                                            (right-hand and left-hand thread)




When ordering joint heads need to specify:
– Landing diameter
– External or internal thread
– Right or left-hand thread, the thread pitch