Bearings for the oil and gas industry

The bearings in the oil and gas industry amenable to high demand: the environment, constant high load.

With the growing demand for process equipment for the oil and gas industry SKF works closely with its customers on a wide range of issues – from the ROP to the reliability and maintainability of equipment subsea production systems. Therefore today SKF specialized solutions used in a wide range of equipment, which includes rock bits, downhole motors, actuators upper, circulating drilling fluid system, pumps and compressors subsea production systems.

With SKF advanced software for modeling and simulation, SKF engineers can optimize the design of the bearings to increase the performance and productivity of the equipment. The combination of modular design, the use of seals, heavy-duty steel and ceramic elements enables SKF bearings withstand the harsh operating conditions, such as the effect of sour gas, work in low-temperature and underwater environment.