Induction heaters for heating and the subsequent installation of bearings

Induction heating – enabling technology that allows non-contact method to transmit electricity to the object to be heated to further its direct conversion into thermal energy.

It is a modern and rapidly developing area of heat treatment has been widely used in smelting, tempering, metal machining, to heat the elements of the process equipment, as well as maintenance of various machines and mechanisms.

At present, widely used as a special induction heaters for bearings, couplings, gears and other parts, which involve the installation of the shaft tightness. These heaters allow fast, efficient and controlled manner to heat the item, and then due to thermal expansion is easy to implement its installation. This is heated only very detail and heater components remain cool. This technique avoids heating the smoke, strong odors and leaves no oily contaminants which accompany the process of heating with an oil bath. In the case of mounting bearings heating methods using an open flame or other permitting local overheating, are not recommended as this may change the surface structure of the metal layer or bearing size after cooling. The required heating temperature depends on the geometry of the part itself and the shaft on which it is necessary to mount. However, almost all the bearings do not permit heating above 120 ° C, and in most cases sufficient to heat them to about 90 ° C. Following these guidelines in conjunction with other requirements of manufacturers of bearings for installation and operation, can achieve the maximum period of operation of these parts and avoid the significant costs associated with unscheduled repairs of equipment.

Many well-known manufacturers and suppliers of bearings offer induction heaters under their own brand names, but not all of them produce this equipment themselves. At the same time, there are companies that specialize in the development and production of such equipment. Among these manufacturers can be noted company «Bega International» (Netherlands). This company was founded in 1978 and, since that time, offers professional solutions for the mounting / dismounting of bearings and other parts. «Bega International» produces under the brand name «Betex» a wide range of induction heaters with power from 3.6 kVA to 100 kVA. In accordance with the needs of the customer can choose either one of the 13 standard models, or order the equipment in a special version, which will be designed and manufactured to meet its needs.